Work Integrated Learning at Lakehead is Growing!

The Next 5 Year 2019 - 2020

Work integrated Learning at Lakehead continues with our core goal of ensuring that students are "work-place ready" upon graduation. WIL at Lakehead, powered by RBC Future Launch, now offers a suite of experiential opportunities designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, business and the community

Through WIL, students are given the opportunity to build their workplace readiness by working within and doing projects for businesses, public and non-profit organizations.

The Wil suite of opportunities includes in-class experiential learning based on real-world cases, customized projects with partner organizations, increased mentorship opportunities, job-shadowing, a Foundational Skills Co-Curricular Workshop Series, and models site placements, ranging from week-gong to full summer placements.

Projects and placements can be completely customized based on the needs of the organization and the student.

WIL at Lakehead gives business students, from 1st year through to postgraduate level, the skills and practical experience to ensure
successful transition into their careers upon graduation

Students participate in the program starting in 1st and 2nd year where they focus on Foundational Skills Development, Job-Shadowing, Mentorship and Reflective Practice to ensure that as 3rd' and 4th year students they are as "Workplace ready" as possible for in-class and community-based experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities.

Maryann Kleynendorst
Experiential Learning Navigator
Faculty of Business Administration

Maryann Kleynendorst with our Web Designer, James MacCormack, Computer Science Major

Past  Successes!

The first year of the RBC Work Integrated Learning Program at Lakehead proved to be extremely successful in meeting the primary goal of empowering Lakehead students for the jobs of tomorrow.  
The placements offered by our community partners were outstanding and the mentor-ship and support offered to students and the program exceeded expectations.  
The Impact Measures Report for the RBC Work Integrated Learning Program demonstrates the tremendous impact of the generous support of RBC Future Launch, Lakehead University and our community partners.  The success that was built during the first year of the program has led to strengthened partnerships with both community and business organizations and has led to real employment for students.
The Addendum: RBC WIL Program at Lakehead Evaluation Results details the year end evaluation instruments, completed by site supervisors and students, and also includes examples of reflective examination of the program submitted by students.
We look forward to building on these successes to make the RBC Work Integrated Learning Program at Lakehead a best practice model of experiential learning that leads to real world results.
Maryann Kleynendorst
Experiential Learning Navigator
Faculty of Business Administration



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