Canadian Freshwater Fish



Canadian Freshwater Fish provides local and sustainably harvested fish from Northwestern Ontario to customers across North America. Our company is a small start-up, headquartered in Thunder Bay. Our commitment to local, ethical and sustainably harvested fish is in all that we do.



As a company headquartered in Thunder Bay, we buy fish which has been freshly harvested in Northwestern Ontario. Northwestern Ontario is home to some of the freshest and healthiest fish in the world.


Our company works primarily with First Nations communities and fishers. Our goal is to provide steady income and employment in these communities, purchasing fish at a fair rate.


We work with First Nations communities and fishers who have a vested interest in protecting the local environment. All our partners practice responsible and sustainable fishing techniques, ensuring safe and healthy fish populations in our lakes.
We currently sell fresh and frozen walleye, whitefish and lake trout fish.

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